Gaitana has returned to Ukraine with new songs!

After a long pause, popular Ukrainian singer Gaitana presents his new song, entitled "It would not hurt."
Bright, dynamic and at the same time sensual and romantic song Gaitan tells the story, which happens often in the life of many lovers. According Gaitana songs "It would not hurt" for many years. She went through many transformations, adjustments arrangements. Time has postponed its mark and made it perfect.            The song "It would not hurt" became a symbol of a certain return Gaitana.            With this song, a new period in the creative career of the singer.
"Time as a psychologist. You see life, see the failures and fall. Victory, success, betrayal and forgiveness - all this makes us even closer to the truth. Life experience teaches us further understand the words of their own hearts. Over the years of silence, I traveled a lot and accumulated in the energy, love, music is to share all this with you            Ukraine - my house and I'm very happy to be back home "- says Gaitana